The Gyrotonic Expansion System is an exercise program that uses simultaneous stretching and strengthening of muscles and tendons while articulating and mobilizing joints. Corresponding breathing patterns are engaged during the performance of the exercises, thereby increasing coordination, endurance and aerobic activity. After many years of study, Juliu Horvath discovered the GYROTONIC® principles that form the foundation for this novel approach to maintaining health and well-being. He tried and succeeded at repairing the physical injuries he sustained as a professional dancer, and he created a system of exercise that anyone could perform, regardless of age or state of health.


Working in clinics and hospitals worldwide, many physical therapists and health practitioners teach clients to perform these exercises to facilitate healing. In Gyrotonic rehabilitation, the therapist views an injured body part as only one of many possible focal points when applying corrective movements and exercises. The patient is treated more holistically. The healing capacity of the entire body is increased.


Millions of people play sports professionally or for personal enrichment. Through practice and preparation, they can optimize their performance. Athletes perform in many physical planes of movement, depending on the sport. Many active people now benefit by incorporating Gyrotonic exercises into their training. They can move and stretch in all possible directions, helping them create bodies that are more flexible and muscles that are strong yet supple. These qualities allow users to move with more fluidity and power.

Many users report increased stamina and endurance, as well.

Performing Arts

Today, dancers, singers, musicians and actors are also benefiting from Gyrotonic training. Performance is expression, and those performers who are more physically flexible and mentally balanced will have the greatest impact. In a sense we are all dancers, singers and artists, and these exercises may allow us to experience the music of the heart and the inner dance of life.

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