Our Services – Special Programs

We offer physical therapy, Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® for conditioning exercise, fitness and rehabilitation. Our objective is to provide one-on-one and small-group sessions with highly trained physical therapists and trainers whose primary objective is to empower each client toward the achievement of his or her personal goals. We also offer:

Low Back Care  – Comprehensive rehab and fitness for low back pain. Our unique approach combines manual physical therapy with Polestar Pilates for faster pain relief and results.
Myofascial Release  – Effective hands-on therapy technique to remove physical restrictions in the fascia (connective tissue that covers us from head to toe).
Pilates for Pregnancy  – Special care to enhance your health and fitness during and after pregnancy. Improve posture, balance, strength and coordination as your baby develops.
Osteoporosis  – Comprehensive rehab and fitness to promote bone growth and improve posture. Our unique combination of manual physical therapy and Polestar Pilates is exceptionally effective.
Health for Parkinson’s – A specialized Pilates circuit training workout to enhance balance, strength, posture and gait training. Although taught in a group setting, each client has a specially designed program for his/her needs.
Youth Pilates – Fun workouts for those training for a particular activity such as dance or soccer, or for those who just want a fun hour of flexibility and strength work.
Athletic Performance – Intense daily schedules of rehabilitation, conditioning and performance for serious athletes. Appreciated by professional athletes from around the world!

We have successfully reduced pain, restored functional movement and improved overall fitness and condition in thousands of patients.

Perhaps we can help you, too.

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