“At 63 and having had 6 knee surgeries, one a total replacement, and suffering from osteoarthritis I need to be very cautious about exercise routines and classes. Experience has taught me that not all trainers are created equal-even if they are highly qualified and licensed. However well intended trainers may be, exercise related injuries abound and I certainly don’t need any more.

I started coming to Polestar Pilates over 5 years ago. I not only found the Pilates exercises themselves to be the best for me but the trainers super qualified and some classes taught by actual Physical Therapists. I am a firm believer that “less is more” and the quality of the exercise itself more important than the countless, fast paced and rebounding repetitions I found myself doing w/ a traditional trainer in a gym.

Without getting into too many details, I can say: 1) I slimmed down 2) After 6 months exercising 2-3 times a week I stopped taking Rx anti-inflammatory medication and now only take 1 Aleve a day 3) I was able to reverse my osteoporosis to a point where I no longer take Rx medication for it. Like anything worthwhile,it requires you to make a serious commitment to taking care of yourself but the trainers at Polestar make it easy, interesting, safe, challenging and fun.

Thank you everyone- with special mention to Shelly, Christi and Xio- for helping me enjoy the best years of my life— RETIREMENT!”
Ladi III Martinez

Polestar Physical Therapy & Pilates Center - Coral Gables, Florida

“Just a quick note to thank the folks at Polestar Pilates for their time and genuine interest in those of us with Parkinsons. Jarrod, Rebecca and the boss man Brent are great. I learned about pilates at one of the support groups and mentioned it to a friend that insisted that I try it. The exercises at first seemed strange but I found myself walking better, having more endurance, and in general I just feel better. I look forward to going because of the caring and happy environment Dr. Anderson has created. Jarrod is always positive and seems to concentrate on what I can do as opposed to what I cant do. He truly has a gift as does Rebecca when it comes to working with us disabled folks. I hope it goes on forever. Thanks again to Jarrod, Rebecca, Brent and all the beautiful ladies at the front desk that are always greeting me with a smile. My core thanks U too! U are all very cool I am so grateful for your generosity and genuine caring.
Bill Lamb

“In 2003 after years of intermittent back pain I was referred by my doctor to Polestar Pilates. I enrolled in the low back class with Brent and have progressed to Allegro II. I am in better physical condition than I’ve ever been in my life. My strength, coordination, and flexibility have improved tremendously. My posture awareness has improved. Furthermore, I’m having fun three times a week in my Pilates classes. Thanks to Brent and Shelly for Polestar.”
Wendy Lapidus